Important Note To All
  1. Lord's Supper IC to co-ordinate and ensure all men-to-serve are present and know their roles.

  2. Lord's Supper 2nd IC is to assist and gather the men to the PA room for final briefing.

  3. Usher IC to ring the bell (2 short rings) at 09:00 am and get the people seated.

  4. Usher 2nd IC to assist to get worshippers to be ready and hushed for worship.

  5. Baptism IC to coordinate the event and to ensure 3rd IC is available to do the baptizing.

  6. Baptism 3rd IC to brief the "baptizee" on the "procedure".

  7. Baptism 2nd IC is in charge of logistics e.g. microphone, camera, etc.

  8. Ladies Lord's Supper IC to ensure that the bread quality is of an acceptable level.

  9. Song Books IC to ensure 4 hymn books for short pews and 5 hymn books for long pews.



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